Once again, our very own Pinoy designer Carlyle Nuera has proven his tremendous talent in designing amazing Barbie dolls and ensembles. These one of a kind dolls are his donations for the Ebay Charity Auction with it’s supported charity, Una Juguete Una Ilusion, as part of the ongoing Madrid Fashion Doll Convention 2015. The dolls were inspired by the fabulous era of 90’s Vogue. The era of the great supermodels and high fashion magazine covers and spreads, and most notably, the photography pf Richard Avedon for 90’s Versace ad campaigns.

Although these dolls are not intended for the mainstream market right now, the homage to the 90’s fashion and the different flavors given to the face scuplts are definitely good signs of things to come from the Barbie line.


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Dear Readers;

Okay, so I’ve been reaaallly busy for the past few weeks and wasn’t able to update the blog for quite some time. My blog drafts (unpublished Barbie-related articles) are already piling up and I need to sort,edit, and re-edit so I could come up with new updates for the blog. When the idea to produce a blog like this came up, I really thought it would be easy to pop out articles and updates every now and then. Wrong. Especially when you have a 9 to 5 day job! I am no Day to Night Barbie. The weekends, are mainly allotted for other activities, family time, and, I hate to admit this, sleeping. Work has been really tough lately so I needed the weekends to re-energize and revitalize. A lot of things happened too! Mostly good things, by the way. The interview with Carlyle Nuera gave us an all-time high site views/ traffic! (Thanks Carlyle! And I can’t wait for the gift! SO excited!). Other than that, I am so proud to announce that the blog has at least maintained a reasonable and a good number of site readers and visitors since Day 1. Even with the lack of regular updates, a healthy amount of people are still visiting. So, thank you all so much!

And speaking of good stuff! I can’t wait to announce a very special collaboration with a fellow Barbie doll collector! The announcement will be up in a few days (hopefully!). And to spice things up, expect new articles and stories in the next few days! When we promised that we will give you all the good stuff, we mean it, and it WILL happen!

The plot in a nutshell: I started this blog with a few fellow doll collectors, it all started with a brilliant idea while playing and discussing all things Barbie (Hello Jasmine Peters, Raf Juane, and Michael Bamba!). They made it possible to help jumstart the blog. We have a  vision of making it as a strong,collaborative effort. A collective, hence, the blog name. But we can’t also change the fact that we have and live our own busy lives. This blog is definitely not our bread and butter. Is it a top priority? NO. Is it a passion? YES. And if you are passionate about something, you will make time for it. That is why I am very thankful to have friends who are willing to help out all the way. And it is not limited to us too! We have always been open to the idea of welcoming fellow Barbie enthusiasts to hop in and enjoy the ride!

To cut this short, my sincerest gratitude to the people who made an idea into a reality. To all those who graciously shared their precious time for interviews, to my friends who came up with exciting articles to kickstart our launching week, and to everyone for the warm support for this newborn blog, a big THANK YOU!

This is just the beginning. 



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STYLE GALLERY: An Evening with Barbie

Red Carpet. Flashing lights. Big City. And a shot of Cosmo. Barbie doll is ready to conquer the evening.So go ahead and take out your camera phones, have a sip of your favorite cocktail, enjoy the Metropolitan skyline. Gossip, beauty, glamour. What a show stopper!

OOAK outfits by: Michael Bamba (@mikescreation)
Doll Photography & Styling: Michael Amio (@themichaelamio)


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To paraphrase that popular line from the iconic teen movie “Mean Girls”, if the Pinoy doll community was US Weekly, Jacob Webb would always be on the cover. At such a young age, he has already amassed a huge quantity of Barbie dolls– collector dolls, vintage, playlines, limited editions, you name it, he has it. He is also the founder of  the still growing ‘Barbie Filipino Friends’, a group dedicated to Pinoy Barbie doll collectors. Jacob also spearheads ‘Doll Meets”, more popularly known as “Doll Days”, to gather collectors of all ages and share their love for Barbie doll collecting. A Facebook page dedicated to this group is exceptionally popular. Although still considered a young organization, the group is tremendously good when it comes to promoting the love for Barbie.  The invite-only Facebook group is often bombarded with Barbie photos from young collectors showing their infinite enjoyment and love for playing the iconic doll. In fact, Jacob’s favorite companion doll named Lily Berry is also quite popular in the local doll community that she has already created her own legion of fans (check out her Instagram!), If you are a ‘fresh meat” in the world of Barbie doll collecting, you will definitely salivate just by looking at the photos of his collection. But most importantly, Jacob is an inspiration. So prepare yourselves to be inspired even more with this exclusive interview with the man of the hour.

My Doll Party 12

BCM: How and when did you start collecting Barbie dolls?
JW: I started collecting when Mattel celebrated Barbie’s 50th Birthday.

BCM: Is there a particular Barbie doll that inspired you to start collecting?
JW: Back in 2009, I fell in love with Barbie Fashionistas. The rest was history.

My Fashionistas
My Barbie Fashionistas as of Today...

BCM: Is there a running theme in your collection?
JW: None. I buy whatever I find cute and pretty and whatever catches my attention.

BCM: Are you a deboxer or a strict NRFB-only collector? Why.
JW: I am both. There are dolls that I need to hold with my bare hands and there are some dolls that looks absolutely stunning inside their boxes.

BCM: How do you look/search for those rare dolls?
JW: I have already made some connections with hardcore collectors. Sometimes they when they let go of rare dolls, I’m always first in line. eBay and online doll shops help too.

BCM: What is your favorite Barbie doll?
JW: I have a lot of favorite dolls but as of the moment, It’s A Girl Barbie is my most favorite.

Collection Update

BCM: Do you collect other doll brands too?
JW:  Yes. I collect Monster High and Poppy Parker dolls.

BCM:  Was there ever a point where you already felt tired of collecting?
JW:  A lot of times but it was just a phase.

BCM: How do you fight this “feeling” and go on with collecting?
JW: I don’t simply touch or try to look at my dolls when that feeling strikes.

Barbie Dream House Exterior

Doll Fix Part 2

BCM: What is the most valuable among your dolls?
JW: Going Home Barbie – she was exclusive to adoption centers and
Ella Barbie’s friend – only given to kids with cancer

BCM: What do you think is the most elusive barbie doll out there that you will just do everything just to get your hands on it?
JW: As of now, I can’t think of any Barbie doll that I want to achieve but I have always wanted to own Vidal Sassoon Barbie.

BCM: How many barbie dolls are in your collection?
JW: Oh dear, let’s not talk about numbers here Hahaha!

BCM: How much have you spent so far on Barbie dolls?
JW: Hahahaha! I don’t compute the cost of my dolls. If I like it, I buy it. The happiness that comes from owning and playing with my dolls is priceless.

BCM: Any tips on new collectors?
JW: From my experience, don’t buy every doll that you like. Focus on more important things. Dolls are just dolls and there’s more to life than dolls. But if your budget allows, and you feel that dolls will make you happy, then go for it. I found real friends in the doll world too.

Racquelle or Kira? Kira
Robert Best or Bill Greening? Bill
Vintage era or Superstar Era? Superstar
Barbie Fashion Fever or Barbie Fashionistas? Fashionistas
Mackie Mold or Louboutin mold? Mackie

Photos courtesy of Jacob Webb via

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Filipinos are known to be the most enthusiastic, passionate, competitive, and most especially, proud. We take pride in everything that will put our country and our identity as a nation in good light. For every Pinoy achievements, we definitely raise the bar and the standards. We rejoice, we celebrate, and most importantly,we win. That is why when a talented Filipino designer made a big splash into the world of Barbie, the local doll community went wild. Once again, we took pride. We are no longer part of a minority, Because for every fabulous ensemble this designer has to offer, we also make noise and celebrate as a relevant doll community. Barbie Collective Manila brings you an exclusive interview with the one and only Carlyle Nuera.


BCM: Hi Carlyle! How and when did you start designing for Barbie & Mattel?
CN:  A few months after I graduated from art school, a position on the Barbie design team opened up. My friends told me that I must apply for this job, and if I didn’t, they’d apply for me! After months of interviews and a couple of design projects, I got the job!

BCM: Do you have a specific design aesthetic or trademark?
CN: I love mixing face sculpts and skin tones that have never been done before, as well as bringing back rare face sculpts like the Kira sculpt. I also love playing with fringe and sheer fabrics like chiffon and organza, and how they look layered.

BCM: How do you start creating a design? Can you tell us more about the creative process?
CN: I always have my senses open and am always mentally collecting inspiration, so when a project comes my way, I usually already have ideas stored up. I’ll do research and collect images, pulling from online resources, shopping at stores, going to art exhibits, etc. Then I do pages and pages of rough sketches, refining my idea until I have my final design. Then I’ll do a final illustration.


BCM: What makes you inspired and motivated?
CN: Being part of the Barbie brand, which is so iconic and evolving, is very inspiring! It motivates me to design at my best and most innovative every day.

BCM: Do you have an estimate of how many barbie clothes have you designed and created?
CN: It’s been nearly five years designing for Barbie, I’ve lost count!


BCMHow did you come up with the Mutya design?
CN: I wanted to honor the traditional terno, with its signature butterfly sleeves, as well as live up to the detailed, glamorous precedent set in the Global Glamour collection. I tried to be thoughtful in every detail included on Mutya Barbie; the printed artwork on the organza refers back to textiles of the different tribes in the Philippines and the embroidery at the hem is of the Philippine national flower, the sampaguita. Looking back, I was also subconsciously inspired by vintage photos of my Mom as Miss Tacloban in 1976, being interviewed on stage in a terno. For Mutya Barbie’s face, I knew that the Kira sculpt is beloved by Barbie Collectors and hasn’t been used since around 2001, so I wanted to bring that face sculpt back.

BCM: Do you collect dolls too?
CN: Yes, I still collect dolls. Lately, I’ve been looking for Barbies from all the high-fashion collaborations from the 90s. I recently added Escada Barbie from 1996 and Vera Wang Barbie from 1998 to my collection.


BCM: What is your favorite Barbie doll?
CN: My favorite Barbie doll is ‘Urban Hipster’ Nichelle from the Model of the Moment collection. I love everything about her!

BCM: Do you aspire to design and make clothes for real women too?
CN: I designed and made clothes in human-size during college and I loved it. But for now, Barbie is my main muse.

BCM: What makes it so special designing and creating clothes for Barbie?
CN: I love being able to capture what’s happening in culture in a Barbie doll’s design. And I love the idea of meeting a person in the future whose first or most favorite Barbie doll was one that I designed. It hasn’t happened yet, but I hope it will!

BCM: Are we gonna see a new Carlyle Nuera design in any upcoming collector dolls anytime soon?
CN:  Yes, I have a new Barbie Collector doll coming out later this year. She’ll be the first doll in a brand new series/collection. My first collection, from concept boards all the way to finished doll in package. I can’t wait for her to be released!


BCM: And lastly,any word of advice for all your Pinoy fans?
CN: Keep collecting what you truly love! Let your local retailers know what you want to buy so that they stock it in their stores. And of course, thank you for all of your support. I am so honored to be at the intersection of Filipino, designer and Barbie lover.

BB_FYS15_Photo_02 BB_FYS15_Photo_05 BB_FYS15_Photo_06 BB_FYS15_Photo_10

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LIPGLOSS: Season 1 Episode 1

Barbie Collective Manila brings you the sensational and sizzling online doll series from acclaimed OOAK doll artist and Pinoy doll collector Art Ryan. Check out for this brand new offering every Mondays on Barbie Collective Manila.


LIPGLOSS: The Pilot Episode
“Rayna’s Revenge”


Her years of absence in the fashion industry has finally ended. She has arrived and the Hamptons welcomed Rayna with nothing but the finest celebration there could ever be.

New company. New management. New manager. New staff. The perfect people, place, and the best time to reinvent herself leaving her ugly past behind. She is now ready to take the center stage as the new face of Royalty Cosmetics and Fashion Queen clothing line.

Excited for her new life, new career, and maybe lifestyle. Rayna went up to her private suite to finally embrace whats in store for her. She situated herself in front of the large window inside the bedroom, lurked at the window next to her. Just like how she expected it, she was never surprised to see who’s standing right next to her neighbor’s window.

The woman who caused her pain three excruciating years ago.

The woman who will soon suffer the wrath of her revenge.

Adele Makeda.

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” V is for Vanity, every time I look at me, I turn myself on yeah, I turn myself on. V is for Vanity, thank you mom and daddy ‘coz, I turn myself on yeah, I turn myself on. ” (Christina Aguiletra, “Vanity” from the album ‘Bionic’)

Welcome to Generation #OOTD. where vanity is a necessity. And taking a selfie has become a true reflection of the society. Styling by Dee Vee Tee.

image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image8 image9

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