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BARBIE PLAYTIME: That Long Blonde Hair

For our first edition of ‘Barbie Playtime’, a 28-year old Barbie collector, revisits the wonders (and horrors!) of playing with Barbie’s golden blonde hair. I grew up in the 90’s. The era of Totally Hair Barbie (1992) which, by the … Continue reading

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Quezon City– A lot of Pinoy Barbie doll collectors were given a huge and magical treat last Saturday, June 27  2015. It was a night of pure fun, endless laughs, informative talks, & newly formed friendships as guests were also … Continue reading

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DOLLIGHTFULLY DEE!: Wedding Day Barbie

Our resident Fashion Queen, Dee Vee Tee, excites us with her one-woman fashion photo shoot. From the styling to the lighting, production design, photography, and even the outfits…all made possible by Ms. Dee! It’s because Dee Vee Tee can do … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Melai Francisco for winning our “Guess the Barbie Doll Collector” Facebook game! You are awesome! And you won a special gift from The Barbie Collective Manila! Thank you for participating and watch out for more games and give … Continue reading

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There are two kinds of Barbie doll collectors. The Deboxers and the Non-Deboxers. Deejay de Dios belongs to the latter. Then came a third kind. Those collectors who made (and will make, once they discover his Facebook profile) Deejay a … Continue reading

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DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Michael Bamba of ‘Mike’s Creations’

Michael Bamba is a certified heartthrob. He can light up a room with his smile and will make you fall in love with his charismatic mestizo look. That, or the fact that he is a very down to earth person. … Continue reading

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DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Lonix Abanil of ‘House Of Kivan’

Two words. Elegance & Glamour.  Lonix Abanil’s designs and creations will have your jaw meet the floor. From the details and the elaborate execution of his designs, it will be no surprise if you are already his client. Marlon, most … Continue reading

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