DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Lonix Abanil of ‘House Of Kivan’

Two words. Elegance & Glamour.  Lonix Abanil’s designs and creations will have your jaw meet the floor. From the details and the elaborate execution of his designs, it will be no surprise if you are already his client.

Marlon, most popularly known as ‘Lonix’, by his peers in the local doll community, enhanced his skills by acquiring a design package course at Fashion Institute of the Philippines in 2009. The said ‘design package’ , which included basic & advanced pattern making plus a course in haute couture and fashion design illustration helped Lonix jump start his career in doll fashion industry. Get to know more about Lonix and see his one of a kind creations below.


BCM: How and when did you start designing for barbie or dolls in general?
LONIX: I started making dresses when I was still young, it only stopped when my only Barbie doll was ruined & destroyed by our dog. I got back into it around 2006-2007 when I started getting hooked into barbies again.

BCM: Do you have a specific design aesthetic or trademark?
LONIX: My aesthetics are always simple silhouettes, if at times it needs additional texture, I’ll put simple details on it or if Ido get really inspired, it will be a full beaded work. I really don’t know if i do have a trademark, but at times some of my clients would know if its my work.

BCM: How do you start creating a design? Can you tell us more about the creative process?
LONIX: Ideas are always lingering in my head, I don’t get to fulfill all that I want because I’m a bit moody when making dresses. I don’t do sketches of what I want to do, cause at times, especially if its a beaded work, it always changes depending on how much time I have or how I could make it simple and not overpower the doll that would be wearing my creation.


BCM: What makes you inspired and motivated?
LONIX: I get inspired when I see beautiful creations from other designers. I do get inspired as well if I have a new doll. I get motivated when I don’t have time anymore and I’m nearing my deadline for a client or an event where I need to show my creation. lol

BCM: Do you have an estimate of how many barbie clothes have you designed and created?
LONIX: I seriously don’t have an idea how many I have made, but I know I’ve reached the hundred mark sometime ago. (Laughs)


BCM: Can you give us an idea of your client profile?
LONIX: My clients ranges from doll collectors who are into the classic look to doll pageant directors.

Do you design for other doll/brands as well?
LONIX: I do.

Do you collect dolls too?
LONIX:  Yes I do.

What is your favorite Barbie doll?

LONIX: My favorite Barbie doll would be the Barbie Basics LBD Model no. 4 Goddess Sculpt,  who I named Nena Ulikbabu.


BCM: Do you aspire to design and make clothes for real women too?
LONIX: I have already made some for relatives and friends before.

BCM: What makes it so special designing and creating clothes for Barbie?
LONIX: I guess knowing that Barbie can be anything you like and can wear anything you make for her is what makes designing for her so special. And also it is thru this hobby that you get to know other doll collectors as well and share the talent that I have.

BCM: Are you planning to make this hobby into a full blown business?
LONIX: This has actually become a hobby turned into a business, (Laughs)

Photo credits: Miss Barbie Universe/ La Bella Filipina/ Miss Doll Global Gem.

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