DOLLIGHTFULLY DEE!: Wedding Day Barbie

Our resident Fashion Queen, Dee Vee Tee, excites us with her one-woman fashion photo shoot. From the styling to the lighting, production design, photography, and even the outfits…all made possible by Ms. Dee! It’s because Dee Vee Tee can do anything…Right Barbie?

For Dee Vee Tee’s initial offering, our blog’s Fashion Director shows us matrimonial bliss. Even though Barbie never got married, she had worn dreamy wedding ensembles through the years. Here is Dee’s fitting tribute to WEDDING DAY BARBIE!


11277956_10207194231318412_1804307151_n 11650972_10207194229118357_1887738875_n 11652285_10207194230798399_713273391_n 11667109_10207194230118382_1368176221_n

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Welcome to the ultimate Barbie doll blog in the Philippines! The Barbie Collective Manila is a collaboration among Barbie enthusiasts, collectors, and creative minds. We will bring you exciting Barbie news, updates and wonderful features along the way. Feel free to join the ride and explore the wonderful world of Barbie!
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