COLLECTOR NEWS: Homecoming Queen™ Barbie® Doll


Homecoming Queen™ Barbie® Doll Is a Willows, WI™ BFC™ Surprise!


For those who knew Barbie® in high school, the signs of her future successes were there from the beginning. In her senior year at Willows High, Barbie was voted Homecoming Queen by her classmates!

To commemorate this very special occasion, we’ve created this lovingly detailed, vintage-inspired tribute – Homecoming Queen Barbie® Doll, the second doll in the Willows, WI Collection.

Created exclusively for the members of the Barbie Fan Club, the opportunity to buy Homecoming Queen Barbie® Doll begins Wednesday, July 8 at 9:00am PT, only in the online shop.* No more than 5,500 of these dolls will be available for purchase. (Not a member? Join now!**)

For this once-in-a-lifetime high school dance, Barbie® doll wears a strapless, aqua blue tulle and taffeta gown with peep toe aqua mules. The “Vote Barbie®” poster and homecoming tickets add a whimsical nostalgic touch. She wears her tiara proudly, and even if you see the sparkle of a tear in her eye, her makeup will still be impeccable.

Be logged into your BFC account at 9:00am PT on Wednesday 7/8, then click into the shop for your exclusive opportunity to bring home this prize-winning doll! And if you still have your $20 shop reward, don’t forget to use it!***

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