Dear Readers;

Okay, so I’ve been reaaallly busy for the past few weeks and wasn’t able to update the blog for quite some time. My blog drafts (unpublished Barbie-related articles) are already piling up and I need to sort,edit, and re-edit so I could come up with new updates for the blog. When the idea to produce a blog like this came up, I really thought it would be easy to pop out articles and updates every now and then. Wrong. Especially when you have a 9 to 5 day job! I am no Day to Night Barbie. The weekends, are mainly allotted for other activities, family time, and, I hate to admit this, sleeping. Work has been really tough lately so I needed the weekends to re-energize and revitalize. A lot of things happened too! Mostly good things, by the way. The interview with Carlyle Nuera gave us an all-time high site views/ traffic! (Thanks Carlyle! And I can’t wait for the gift! SO excited!). Other than that, I am so proud to announce that the blog has at least maintained a reasonable and a good number of site readers and visitors since Day 1. Even with the lack of regular updates, a healthy amount of people are still visiting. So, thank you all so much!

And speaking of good stuff! I can’t wait to announce a very special collaboration with a fellow Barbie doll collector! The announcement will be up in a few days (hopefully!). And to spice things up, expect new articles and stories in the next few days! When we promised that we will give you all the good stuff, we mean it, and it WILL happen!

The plot in a nutshell: I started this blog with a few fellow doll collectors, it all started with a brilliant idea while playing and discussing all things Barbie (Hello Jasmine Peters, Raf Juane, and Michael Bamba!). They made it possible to help jumstart the blog. We have a  vision of making it as a strong,collaborative effort. A collective, hence, the blog name. But we can’t also change the fact that we have and live our own busy lives. This blog is definitely not our bread and butter. Is it a top priority? NO. Is it a passion? YES. And if you are passionate about something, you will make time for it. That is why I am very thankful to have friends who are willing to help out all the way. And it is not limited to us too! We have always been open to the idea of welcoming fellow Barbie enthusiasts to hop in and enjoy the ride!

To cut this short, my sincerest gratitude to the people who made an idea into a reality. To all those who graciously shared their precious time for interviews, to my friends who came up with exciting articles to kickstart our launching week, and to everyone for the warm support for this newborn blog, a big THANK YOU!

This is just the beginning. 



About barbiecollectivemanila

Welcome to the ultimate Barbie doll blog in the Philippines! The Barbie Collective Manila is a collaboration among Barbie enthusiasts, collectors, and creative minds. We will bring you exciting Barbie news, updates and wonderful features along the way. Feel free to join the ride and explore the wonderful world of Barbie!
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