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Welcome to the ultimate Barbie doll blog in the Philippines! The Barbie Collective Manila is a collaboration among Barbie enthusiasts, collectors, and creative minds. We will bring you exciting Barbie news, updates and wonderful features along the way. Feel free to join the ride and explore the wonderful world of Barbie!


   Once again, our very own Pinoy designer Carlyle Nuera has proven his tremendous talent in designing amazing Barbie dolls and ensembles. These one of a kind dolls are his donations for the Ebay Charity Auction with it’s supported charity, … Continue reading

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Dear Readers;

Okay, so I’ve been reaaallly busy for the past few weeks and wasn’t able to update the blog for quite some time. My blog drafts (unpublished Barbie-related articles) are already piling up and I need to sort,edit, and re-edit so … Continue reading

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STYLE GALLERY: An Evening with Barbie

Red Carpet. Flashing lights. Big City. And a shot of Cosmo. Barbie doll is ready to conquer the evening.So go ahead and take out your camera phones, have a sip of your favorite cocktail, enjoy the Metropolitan skyline. Gossip, beauty, … Continue reading

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To paraphrase that popular line from the iconic teen movie “Mean Girls”, if the Pinoy doll community was US Weekly, Jacob Webb would always be on the cover. At such a young age, he has already amassed a huge quantity of Barbie … Continue reading

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Filipinos are known to be the most enthusiastic, passionate, competitive, and most especially, proud. We take pride in everything that will put our country and our identity as a nation in good light. For every Pinoy achievements, we definitely raise … Continue reading

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LIPGLOSS: Season 1 Episode 1

Barbie Collective Manila brings you the sensational and sizzling online doll series from acclaimed OOAK doll artist and Pinoy doll collector Art Ryan. Check out for this brand new offering every Mondays on Barbie Collective Manila. LIPGLOSS: The Pilot Episode “Rayna’s … Continue reading

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” V is for Vanity, every time I look at me, I turn myself on yeah, I turn myself on. V is for Vanity, thank you mom and daddy ‘coz, I turn myself on yeah, I turn myself on. ” (Christina … Continue reading

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